The project and the great enthusiasm

Parco Esposizioni Novegro was officially inaugurated in 1969 with the Tecnoperf Prefabricated Building Exhibition. A technical exhibition, the one inaugurated back in 1969, very different from the massive public events that would follow in the years to come. Although the exhibition was contained, just as contained as the fledgling structures that housed it, that pioneering courage or dream that determined it was the distinctive mark of an activity and a place that would win a respectable place in the evolutionary dynamics of Milan metropolitan area.


The meeting with the general public

Building an exhibition centre from scratch is not an easy thing, even less so is making it active and economically profitable. The turning point came in 1975, when Italia Vacanze, an exhibition dedicated to trailer and camping vehicles and equipment for the outdoors, was born. Advertising and the right promotion in the media made it a great success: a beautiful image of the exhibition and of Novegro as a fresh, open and green place. An image that has remained indelibly imprinted, becoming the most iconic signification of today’s Parco Esposizioni Novegro.


The air-supported structure

The air-supported structure: pride and anxiety of our company. The seemingly transient heart of our ambitions and a generous source of worries and sacrifices, the balloon was a scenically exhilarating and managerially challenging intuition. Nevertheless, at first the scenic effect was fantastic, produced by the vision of a 7,500 square metre arena (150×50 m), uncluttered, covered by a sky of white and blue fabric more than 13 m high. The covered area of Parco Esposizioni Novegro had increased fivefold and our company could boast the title of exhibition centre from every point of view.


The calendar is enriched with new events

Alongside Italia Vacanze, the calendar was enriched with exhibitions that still enrich the calendar Parco Esposizioni Novegro: Hobby Model Expo in 1978, a fair that over the years has seen the participation of the major manufacturers in this sector, full of attractions and wonders that are a little retro but no less popular; Autosogno in 1980, a splendid initiative dedicated to vintage cars that gave way to the fortunate trend of the various editions of the Mostra Scambio di Auto e Moto d’Epoca (Vintage Car and Motorcycle Exchange Show) still organised today; the never-to-be-forgotten Festa della Birra, which from 1984 to 1989 was a successful summer event in harmony with the Milano da bere of the time; and finally Brocantage, which brought the classic open-air antiques markets inside the comfortable facilities of a trade fair district.


The Park’s structures are consolidated

In 1992, the project to replace the pressostatic pavilion with a stable and definitive steel and transparent material span structure was approved. The increasingly well-kept greenery characterising the exhibition site definitively assigned it the image of a pleasant place open to visitors regardless of the type of scheduled event. At the same time, the calendar of events is becoming increasingly richer and more punctual, enabling the formation of an organic schedule of which exhibitors and visitors can be informed in good time.


To the future

More than 50 years after its creation, Parco Esposizioni Novegro is today commonly recognized as a primary element of the Milanese exhibition system and an important support for the cultural, social and commercial development of greater Milan. His settlement at the gates of Milan, a very short distance from the Milan – Linate airport, in a green oasis, providentially spared and partly recovered from degradation, which we have helped him develop with the creation of green areas and planting, has made it a strategic component of that vast territorial area, which extends from Parco Forlanini to and beyond the Idroscalo.